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The first person to post their video of a run will be memorialized as the 'First Claim'. Dis-cla!m: CMR reserves the right to replace a first claim if the video sucks.

We see the world through your eyes...

The recent technological advances of wearable cameras now allows for the sharing of the adrenaline related activities from the first person perspective. CMR's mantra is to capture the adrenaline so that we can see the world through your eyes.

Be an Amigo

The CMR website invites you to have your own page to store and share your video collection. Amigos will be able to communicate with other Amigos and share real time information on mountain conditions/activities. As global adrenaline junkies we invite you to unite and create a core community.

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TheLowdown … A.K.A. About our Company

Point of view videos of every run of every mountain in the world that are generated and posted by you. The videos are organized geographically and can be viewed by most popular, highest rated and most recent. CMR was built on the vision of creating a community of core riders - those who ride the steepest lines and drop the biggest aires and do it with superior style. If you've got the steez we'll help you share it with the world.


Tour our featured mountains through CMR's interactive map to experience each run. Check out your favorite mountains or scope out the best mountains that you have yet to ride. If you want to see what a mountain rides like on a deep day then CMR is your source.

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