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Helly Hansen Big Mountain Battle

Video Contest

For the Helly Hansen Big Mountain Battle, teams of two take on big mountains across North America, competing in an all-mountain race for glory. Ski patrol at each mountain has designed and pre-run a course, and set the time to beat.

On top of the awesome prizes going to the top team for each battle, ClaimMYrun has partnered with Helly Hansen and added a Video Contest to the mix. So grab your helmet cam, get some battle footage, and post it below.

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Big Mountain Battle Video Challenge

Win Helly Hansen swag and bragging rights!

It's a contest within the contest and here's how it works:

  • 1 Enter your battle footage by clicking "Claim a Run" anywhere in the video viewer above..
  • 2 Each contests most viewed video will win a Helly Hansen jacket, have bragging rights and be the official BMB video for that mountain!
  • 3 Grand Prize: The overall most viewed video at the end of the series will get $1,000 worth of H/H gear, and have their video posted on the homepage until next year as the official HH BMB video for the series!

The Fine Print: Contestants will have one week after the event (each battle is held on a Saturday) to edit and post their footy to the respective mountain. Winners will be drawn on the following Saturday for the most viewed video from that contest. At the end of the season, the video with the overall most views from all contests will win the grande prize.


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