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Description: "Face shots are cool and all, but NOT WHEN IM TRYING TO SEE WHERE I AM GOING!" - Jeremy Jones

July 8th 2014 "The Tickler" opens for the first time in the 13-14 season. The free snow cat also opened on this day but I earned some life points by earning my turns and hiking to the top of tickler from the sunburst access gate instead. 35 minute hike for a 35 second ride. It is such a bummer to hike for so long and then eat shit on the way down! Serious white room blinded me the whole way down the line. PRISTINE conditions terrible spray control. I did a small "whoo" as I rode the 3 ft drop off the cornice but I didn't even get to jump off it cus I didnt know I was on it. I swear I knew the cat track road was down there somewhere too, but there was so much snow caked to my goggles I didn't even see it coming. Didnt stand a fucking chance! lol Flew 15 feet lazy boy style to bomb hole. Cant wait for redemption.




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